Riparians without water

Hashim Abro

Sukkur, situated on the west bank of Indus River, is perhaps the 14th largest city in the country and the third largest city of the Province of Sindh. It is the headquarters of Sukkur Division and Sukkur District. Above all, it is the native city of Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly and countless other luminaries and bright brains.
It is situated on the river but unfortunately the residents are deprived of drinking water. Millions are left without clean drinking water in this city, which has become a city of sewerage, sewerage streets, sanitation and garbage. The destitute and downtrodden, who can’t purchase clean dirking water, are compelled to use the polluted and contaminated water in different parts of the city and die premature death due to water-borne diseases.
It is also a known fact that the past successive Federal and Provincial governments, time and again, announced different development packages and schemes for this historical city but looking at the worst condition of this city a question arises in mind where that money worth billions of rupees was (mis) spent? The relevant Federal and Provincial organization always appear unconcerned about the judicious utilization of allocated funds.
At present, the city is facing its greatest water crisis. Like many other cities and towns in the Sindh Province and in this country, Sukkur city is plagued by failing infrastructure across the city; and is unable to provide water to its residents. The social scientists, the engineers and civil society activist say the crisis is bound to continue if major changes in the city’s infrastructure and planning mechanism are not undertaken, but who cares because our ruling elite, including the Leader of the Opposition and their children, do not face water crisis problem in their homes.

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