Rio Medals reflect countries’ real strength

ADVANCED and developed countries excel in every walk of life. The same was very evident from their extra ordinary performance in the Rio Olympics where the United States stood first in the medals tally with 118 followed by another rising super power China which bagged 70 medals. Despite large population, the Muslim and third world countries failed to make any impact in one of the leading international events as they stood far below the tally while Pakistan, often dubbed as sports loving country, did not bag any medal this year.
Great and rising nations always keep their focus on multi-dimensional development and they do not ignore any sector in pursuit of their forward march — be it sports, entertainment or any other field. This is something that is still missing in Muslim and third world countries. Despite having abundant resources by some Muslim countries, it is pity that hardly anything has been done on their part to patronize the sporting activities within their territory. While turning back to Pakistan, it is lamentable that the sports are on the decline over the past few years regardless of abundance of natural talent. Where does Pakistan stand in sports ground is clear from its performance in Rio Olympics where its small contingent could not grab even a single medal while it was also the first time that the country’s hockey team could not make to the Olympics. While our test cricket team has made the entire nation proud by reclaiming the number one position after twenty-eight years, we expect that the country also excels in other sports as well including hockey, squash and soccer. For this, we should encourage sports at school level besides launching nationwide campaign to encourage sports in villages, towns and cities. Of course, it would require extra money, effort and determination. Introducing such a campaign would hopefully pay dividends in the next one to two decades. Achieving laurels in sports will also help promote country’s soft image in the outside world.

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