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Understanding how to manage human resource will be key to your success as a business leader, believe it or not many business people with great business strategies, plans and products fail because they do not fully grasp the importance of human resource management. Thomas J. Watson founder of IBM said “You can get capital and erect buildings but it takes people to build the business” managers use a lot of words to describe how valuable people are to their organizations. Human resources, human capital, intellectual assets and talent all imply that people play a vital role in business success.
No matter what part of the business you are dealing with, weather its figuring out where to put the new plant, designing a new product, formulating your strategy or developing a cost structure, every single business issue ultimately becomes a people issue, at the heart of it you got to have people with the right skills, opportunities and motivation to face those challenges and achieve business success. This is the essence of human resource management to manage people in a way that drive business success, to drive success human resource management involves a wide variety of activities including analyzing a company competitive environment and designing jobs so that the company strategy can be successfully implemented, this in turn requires selecting the right people, developing their skills to meet strategic objectives and motivating them towards the common goals.
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