Ride to your Facebook page..!

WAS watching a husband and wife squabbling quite loudly on the beach a month ago, when the husband seeing a coconut tree which lent itself to a great background for a picture, whipped out his phone, and shouted ‘Selfie!’ Immediately the harsh, angry face of the wife composed itself into a pretty coy one, as the husband put a hand round his wife’s shoulders and like a couple intensely in love the picture was taken.
The next moment their expressions went back to fight mode, voice pitch went up even as the husband fiddled with his phone, obviously sending the picture hurtling to his Facebook page. I would have loved to see that page, and the comments from friends as they viewed the lovey-dovey couple: ‘You guys still in love!’
‘Second honeymoon!’ “What a great couple, happiness overflowing!’ ‘You are a role model to everyone with your true love!’ If only those commentators had seen the couple before and after the shot. Or does everyone know that the page only meant to portray joy and happiness. It’s like a ‘they lived happily ever after’ page.
But in reality, instead of creating happy memories for themselves on the beach they are enacting them for their friends on social media. I looked at the couple after they had taken that lovely pic and wondered why they had come to this holiday destination, was it because a marriage counselor had told them to take a vacation together? Was it because they had found that circumstances of home and job had made them stray from each other and this was a chance to rekindle a dying fire?
But it wasn’t happening because hugs, holds and happiness was reserved only for the page, while derision, disdain and despair was reality. I imagine I call out to that couple, “I’m going to take you for a ride!” I say. “Where?” ask the husband and wife.
“Into Facebook!” I tell them, as they get onto the flying buggy Mark Zuckerberg has leant me. We fly into Facebook and I see pictures of both of them in the most loveable poses coming alive, “That’s us?” they gasp. “Yes!” I tell them, “That’s you on Facebook! That’s what your friends are seeing at this moment!” “You mean they can see us now?” asks the wife quickly putting her hands in her husband’s while he holds her tight. “Yes!” I say, as I get into the buggy and get ready to ride back. I watch as suddenly there’s laughter from them and smiles on their faces and they walk together happy.
It’s a great place to go to, I think to myself, let’s just get into Zuckerberg’s buggy and take a ride into our Facebook pages and have a great holiday there. I’m sure we’ll come back realizing our Facebook pages can become pages of our life, and do I hear Zuckerberg’s buggy horses neighing in agreement?

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