Revolution in Judiciary

Rafaqat Hussain Chishti

One man of words can root out the badly embedded practices of our institutions and for the justification of this we can see the role of Raheel Shareef and Syed Mansoor Ali shah. Both have performed outstandingly so far in their respective fields. As Raheel Shareef carries strong credentials in his institution – the Armed forces of Pakistan; similarly Syed Mansoor Ali shah carries the strong credentials in his institution – the senior Judiciary. Since he has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Lahore, he has introduced many reforms such as the supervisory committees, direct interaction with the judges of lower courts and the directions for the speedy disposal of cases in lower as well as upper courts.
He has not only introduced reforms in the bench; rather he has said that we should start training sessions in the bars of whole Punjab. These are very good and practical steps for the betterment of the institution of Judiciary. He has also gone up to the possible extent to de-politicise the Judiciary. When he was the justice of High court his ruling stopped Maryam Nawaz as the chairman of PM youth loan scheme. Now he is Chief Justice and he has accepted a writ against the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz shareef, Shahbaz Shareef and speaker of National Assembly. One feels that there has come a revolution in the Judiciary when one hears Syed Mansoor Ali shah in his court saying to Additional attorney general of Pakistan that” I want Nawaz Shareef and Shahbaz Shareef here in my court in person”. This is an obvious institution in judiciary and it will set right many of the evils of our society.
— Lahore

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