Revisit SOPs for academics

Barkat Niad

Though it is the basic right of every citizen of Pakistan to have National ID card, Passport, local domicile and nationality, but in Turbat it’s very hard to get one. Recently I visited the DC office Turbat to get issued the domicile certificate of my friend who wanted to get admission in the College. The requisites for issuance of a Domicile certificate were so cumbersome and annoying that the system itself motivates the incidence of corruption and palm-greasing of the concerned officials or their touts and middlemen.
We had to go to finance office after getting the signatures of Tehsildar and the Chairman Union Council, and paid Rs. 400 as fee and get signatures of Assistant commissioner. They demanded a local certificate of his family members. He had no elder brother or sister, nor were his parents ever issued a domicile certificate. As the date of submission of the Admission form in the College was approaching fast, we requested the concerned official to help us out for early issuance of the certificate; but knowing our urgency and anxiety, it was perhaps the ripe opportune time for the official to exploit the situation and demand or behave in what ever manner his Lordship pleased. It was really a test of nerves; many a time my friend was so helplessly agitated that he seemed to say good-bye to idea of getting admission in College.
It provides a food for thought for our policy makers, educational institutions, Directorates of education, the District administrators and above all the governments at the Federal and Provincial levels, as to why such cumbersome SOPs for enrolment in an educational institute. If the basic document, the CNIC, the B.Form is there, why do they ask for a domicile certificate to be issued by a traditional Kuchehry procedure? Doesn’t the CNIC / B.Form, issued by NADRA, reflect the nationality / domicile of the holder?
Will some saner persons in the education hierarchy at the Federal and Provincial levels like to revisit SOPs for Admission in the Schools, Colleges and Universities, issuance of National Identity Cards, Passports, NOCs for higher education and other necessary documents to live a normal dignified life as proud citizens of Pakistan. Let us make and declare the CNIC as a truly sacrosanct document to cater for all citizenship / domicile / Provincial Quota needs to avoid unnecessary hassle for the students, common citizens and every registered Pakistani national. Registration Office (NADRA) should however, be manned by men of conscience, honest, courteous, human friendly and thorough gentlemen who derive pleasure in helping the fellow humans solve their problems. Please don’t expose your young students to Kucheries and Police stations; welcome them to the academic institutions. Your society will be reformed, your systems shall be reformed, your kucheries will be reformed and your Police stations shall no more be torture cells inhabited by ruthless inhuman monsters.
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