Revelations by RAW agent

INVOLVEMENT of RAW in fomenting trouble in Balochistan was no secret as Pakistan has been raising the issue off and on for the last several years but it is, perhaps, for the first time that graphic details have come to surface and that too from the man assigned with the task. Video tape containing statement of recently arrested RAW agent Kulbhushan Jhadev should serve as an eye opener for all those who believe that India has accepted the reality of Pakistan and reports about its bad intentions and designs are mere conjectures and propaganda.
The issue of Indian involvement in Balochistan was formally taken up by the then Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani with his Indian counterpart way back in 2009 during their meeting at Egyptian resort of Sharm-al-Sheikh. However, since then India has been in the mode of denial and also took the stand that Pakistan has never provided any solid proof to substantiate its allegations. This time round the confession comes from RAW’s own agent and the Indian Government cannot pretend to be ignorant as, according to Kulbhushan, he was directly handled by Indian National Security Advisor, RAW chief and a Joint Secretary of the Agency. It clearly proves that Indian state was involved in sponsoring terrorism, subversion and separatism in Balochistan and Karachi. Otherwise too, it was beyond any imagination that a handful of misguided element in the Province could continue resisting the state force for years without training, funding and arming. The authorities did well by releasing video tape of the RAW agent exposing real designs of India, which claims to have democratic and peaceful credentials. We hope that people of Pakistan and especially those of Balochistan would realize the fact that some elements are advancing agenda of the enemy and isolate them in every way. However, the issue should not end at release of the video and Pakistani leadership must continue raising it with India and members of the world community as it is the question of security of the country.

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