Return of funds

There are several ill-fated federal and provincial organizations where are “allergic to employees welfare”. Persons are placed in authority, and they make every effort to spend the allocated funds in non-productive activities, needed to be fully spent within the fiscal year they are given, but not for the welfare of the regular employees or the overall organizational efficiency.
Many of these authority-holders enjoy handsome packages, pension, free accommodation, staff car facility, telephone and foreign trips. From these trips they earn lots of dollars at the same time, they do not hesitate to keep the regular employees deprived of House Building Advance, Motor Car and Car Advance facility and such like other facilities and incentives, but they are quick to return their unspent funds because they know that after several extensions in their contractual employment after retirement, they may fail to manage further extensions in their contractual employment.
There is a dire need to “strengthen” financial discipline in our federal and provincial organizations. The Ministry of Finance may ask all such organizations to give reasons for their inability to spend the funds they were provided with. Is there anyone God-fearing to take notice and ask these persons placed in position why the allocated money was not spent for the welfare of employees, instead of returning the unspent money to the Finance Ministry?

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