Result of NA-120 indicate

Much awaited by-election of NA120 is finally over in which PTI is officially dusted. Though initial counting, after the votes were cast, sparked a surprising debate among the senior analysts about the possibility of Dr Yasmin Rashid’s win. But the dream phase, from PTI’s point of view was, however, short lived and could not do more than causing some initial hiccups in the ranks of PML-N and as counting progressed those emotions, among both parties, were reversed effectively because the lead of Dr Yasmin Rashid disappeared, almost as quickly as it had emerged, with the counting of every polling station. With that, Kulsoom Nawaz soon overtook her opponent and gradually went on to build a winning lead numbering roughly around 15000 votes at the end of the counting of total 220 polling stations.
Now if we analyze this by-election by comparing it with the last general election of this constituency then the number game is pretty straightforward, maybe a little scary as well as far as PML-N is concerned, and it does not take more than the simple arithmetic to weigh the exact worth of political parties in this all important constituency of Lahore. In the 2013-general election, PML-N took roundabout 93000 votes against the same candidate, who then managed to take 53000 votes. Though, the difference of 40000 votes apparently looks good enough but only until one does not know the name of opposite candidate. It was Mian Nawaz Sharif himself and taking so many votes against him was difficult, to say the least. So, if we look at the margin of 40000 votes after looking at the winning candidate then the margin looks smaller than it actually is. With this result, PTI must be sensing that their politics of agitation have not worked magic for them.
Mithi, Tharparkar

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