Restoring peace in Karachi

Hashim Abro

Karachi was once a classically peaceful and thriving city but now it bleeds. Peace in Karachi is possible. Peace can be restored in this city once known as the “City of Lights and the Mother of poor. Of course, transforming security and justice institutions will be a long, hard slough. Combating organised crime will be a trans-generational task but Karachi, at any cost, needs the rule of law. That requires changing institutions and confronting criminals, powerful as they may be. The rulers must reflect upon the measures such as deweaponisation of every city, town and village but it must begin with this bleeding and mourning city, where innocent people like Amjad Sabri was gunned down and Owais Ali Shah kidnapped, registration of all non-registered vehicles, dismantling of criminal gangs, institutional reforms in the justice system, throw out illegal refugees, no more interference in the action of police, rangers and sensitive agencies, among others, to keep the city, the province of Sindh and this country peaceful.
— Islamabad

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