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Restoration of only govt healthcare facility in Shahdra demanded

Residents of villages adjacent to Shahdra on Monday complained that the only one dispensary catering to the health needs of thousands of locals in the remote hilly areas of the Federal Capital, had not been operational for the last three months.
Union Council (UC) Mulpur Chairman Mushtaq Ahmed told APP that some 15,000 people living in villages of Mandla, Shahdara, Rumni, Sabin Sayeda Buddu, Nirbas, Pharilah and Mangyal, falling in his UC’s jurisdiction, were deprived of basic health facilities. “Four months ago, the electricity of dispensary situated in Shahdra was disconnected due to non-payment of the bills, which eventually led to its closure,” he added. Mushtaq said being a public representative, he had approached the departments concerned and lodged several complaints, but in vain. He said a poor resident of his UC had to travel to Bhara Kahu for minor health issues and to pay around Rs 500 to private healthcare facilities there to get a relief. District Health Officer Dr Najeeb, in response to public complaints, said a PC-I of Rs 957 million had been prepared for the revamping and revitalizing of all the healthcare facilities of Federal Capital on the instruction of Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination. The PC-I was submitted to the Planning Commission of Pakistan and the amount was likely to be released in July and after that the reservations of rural population regarding missing health facilities would be addressed, he added.
He said the government was also planning to install tele-medicine equipment connected with the Poly Clinic hospital and Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Shahdra, Sohan and Tilhar villages where a medical specialist would provide treatment to the people using online mechanism. To a query, he said only one dispenser and mid wife were appointed in Shahdra dispensary.“We are paying the utility bills on regular basis,” he negated the statement of the UC Chairman.—APP