Response to Indian propaganda

Javaid Bashir

Pakistan’s High Commissioner Abdul Basit appearing on the Indian TV talk show gave a befitting response to the Indian negative propaganda against Pakistan. Indian media poisons the minds against Pakistan on a regular basis. It seldom allows Pakistani guests to present their point of view on issues raised by its media persons. If it does bring the Pakistani guests on TV talk shows then they try to intimidate them to keep them silent. This insulting attitude is not conducive for any decent and reasonable dialogue.
Abdul Basit gave detailed explanations to their probing questions on the TV programme recorded in New Delhi. He also asked counter questions too. Indian participants had no answers to his questions. He rejected all accusations against Pakistan in an eloquent, effective and logical manner. It is an old habit of Indian media to use accusatory tone. The world has witnessed that Pakistan is a victim of worst kind of terrorism and gravely affected by this curse.
We have lost the lives of more than 70,000 military and civilian persons. India through Afghanistan is involved in terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. It should look into its own Ghariban. Mr Basit mentioned about the arrest of Indian Spy Kalbhushan Yadev. We have concrete evidence of Indian intervention in our internal affairs. Mr. Basit asked India to bring the accused persons in Samjotha Express incident before the Court. He asked them to provide evidence against Hafiz Saeed’s involvement in the terrorist activities.
Terrorism is not the only issue, Jammu Kashmir, Sir Creek, Siachin and water are other important issues which should be discussed. India should first discuss these fundamental issues then talk about terrorism. How can we move forward if an atmosphere of cooperation is not built? How can India and its biased media give answers to the matters discussed on this talk show? These are the real issues which must be addressed.

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