Respect the verdict

Muhammad Murtaza Zishan

Reports in the newspapers about sessions of the National Assembly and the Senate in Islamabad had to be adjourned sine die as the opposition members had created rumpus in both houses of Parliament raising slogans against the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) as directed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in its Thursday verdict in the Panama Papers case making the smooth proceedings impossible are quite disgusting and disappointing, to say the least. During the hearing of the petition filed by PTI”s Chairman Imran Khan and others against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the context of the Panama Papers leaks by the country’s apex court and even when after the judgment in the case was reserved, Imran Khan and other opposition parties and their leaders and PML (N) leaders and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself had been emphatically stating that irrespective of whether the verdict is favourable or not, they will respect the verdict. But now the opposition leaders are doing contrary to their own statements and saying they do not accept JIT. As per reports, the Supreme Court has not wasted any time and has already sent copies of its verdict to heads of six departments seeking nominations of their officers for the JIT whose work will be duly supervised by the learned judges of the Supreme Court. So this is to ask Imran Khan and other opposition leaders, who may have been disappointed with the verdict and orders for formation of JIT and their failing to get immediate disqualification of the prime minister, to show due respect to the apex court verdict in totality including orders for formation of the JIT and do not act in such a hostile manner so as to commit contempt of the apex court for JIT formation by rejecting its formation. As opposition leaders they have democratic right of criticizing of the prime minister but that too should be within norms of decency and protocol for the elected prime minister and more importantly show due respect to the apex court verdict, please.

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