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Zaheer Bhatti

ENOUGH being enough, the latest uncalled-for ultimatum from the self-styled protector of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Khadim Hussain Rizvi and his outfit bent upon distorting the Divine Faith of Islam, now needs to be met with an iron hand by the State for two reasons; one, that his accusation that the oath of Parliamentarians relating to finality of Prophet-hood which he alleges to have been changed, is a foul charge because the rephrasing of the text of the oath which could have led to misinterpretation, was killed by Parliament as soon as pointed out besides unequivocal declaration of allegiance to the original Oath as a matter of faith by one and all in the Treasury as well as Opposition benches. Secondly, because with legal remedies available, no extra-legal course of action over no matter what can be allowed which is an affront to the State apparatus.
Agitation by the cleric is therefore not only uncalled for but an attempt to exploit the religious sentiment of the people, and demands of the State to sternly move against him, arrest him and produce him and his associates in the Court of Law as already required by the honourable Court. Besides, it is the moral obligation of the 1800 strong Ulema voice which had issued a FATWA although belatedly declaring suicide attacks as Haraam in Islam but not before thousands of lives had already been lost over the years to suicide attacks by strayed and religiously ill-bred young men. In this particular case the Ulema Body must move swiftly by first trying to instill sanity in Khadim Hussain Rizvi and his ilk dissuading them from the fatal collision course with the State. Media platform must be activated to kill and condemn the sinister movement exploiting the sanctimonious name and stature of the Holy Prophet (SAW) by the outfit and its leadership styling themselves as Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasul Allah, and seeking to draw political mileage from it. The Election Commission should review its Registration because through its extremist views and strayed conduct of the recent past using foul and filthy language against political leadership of the country as well as the Judiciary, the outfit appears to be incapable of comprehending the impending threats to the State, and likely to strengthen the hands of enemies of Pakistan already projecting it as an extremist country harbouring terrorists. Leaders like wearing an Islamic face are an aberration on the name of the great religion in making atrocious demands of discrediting luminaries of Pakistan belonging to other faiths and beliefs.
Whereas it is a known fact from the Holy Scripture and Ahadees-e-Nabvi that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) instead of reacting to anyone hurling abuse and insult upon his person, pardoned them, and is known to have visited the lady who used to throw litters at him but did not one day as she was reportedly taken ill. No one therefore can be allowed to be self-righteous to distort and deride the supreme message of tolerance and compassion embodied in the Islamic faith, and instead attempt to create chaos and lawlessness and serve as an enemy tool to further its agenda of distorting Islam and portraying Pakistan as an intolerant Muslim country to the global community. Reading an account in a Turkish nproposing to form an Islamic force comprising crack Armed Forces units from 57-Muslim nations to take out the Zionist threat to Islamic States, one is forced to introspect over the present state of affairs in the Muslim world; infighting among most, and subservience to imperial masters of others, besides the internal turmoil and squabbles like in Pakistan the only Nuclear Islamic State requiring no external enemies as it is fast heading towards self-immolation instead of bracing up to face the Imperial tirade against it, while the so-called OIC instead of standing behind Pakistan is not even whispering.
It would be an understatement to say that the OIC needs to be revamped and re-energized politically, diplomatically as well as militarily to face up to the impending threats to the Ummah in the wake of discriminatory conduct and double standards and apathy of the United Nations against smaller nations; particularly the Muslim world, and to make itself a potent voice not only at the UN but all International forums. Despite this depressing Muslim scenario, one sees a ray of hope in leaders like Turkey’s Erdogan who could revive the Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD) spirit of the sixties between Turkey, Pakistan and Iran by availing the CPEC opportunity, and simultaneously create a Contact Group to re-energize Muslim leadership, make it realize and harness its potential in the spirit of the Historic Islamic Summit of 1974 in Lahore, Pakistan and present its true face.
The Muslim Ummah requires a well-equipped Army to face up to and vacate alien aggression against member countries, unlike the NATO which is used as a tool of aggression and hegemony. It needs a United Nations of the Islamic world with the Charter to not only proactively defend the sovereignty of member States with a potent voice at the World Body but also against any repression against Muslims across the globe, and to support all voices of reason and justice at the UN and its various forums worldwide with the aim of fashioning a new World Order of moderation, compassion and collaboration for peace and co-existence among the entire humanity as equal nations in the true spirit of Islamic values.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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