Resolving labourer’s issues key to country’s development: Saifullah Khalid


LAHORE : President Milli Muslim League (MML) Saifullah Khalid declaring labourers as spinal cord of a country or society has said a country cannot be developed without prosperity of its workers.

He said that it is lamentable that government did not pay attention to resolve issues of the labourers. MML would give the rights to laborers, he said adding that refusal to register MML is the violation of basic human rights.

In a message on the eve of International Labour Day observed across the globe on Tuesday (May 01), Saifullah Khalid said that Islam raises the social status, honor and position of workers. It has given widespread and comprehensive rights to workers.

He emphasized that the workers should be given rights in the light of Islam. “Their basic needs like transportation, accommodation, children’s education, health, medical facilities should be effectively managed. MML would protect the rights of workers.”

Saifullah Khalid further said that an industrialist makes new factory with the help of workers, but the worker has nothing to feed his children when he returns home.

He said, “MML would perform the duty of unity and make Pakistan a strong state by uniting the people.”

Orignally published by INP

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