Resolution of Pakistan, resolve of a person | By Nighat Leghari 


Resolution of Pakistan, resolve of a person

Pakistan Resolution is a landmark in the history of the Muslims of South Asia. It declared a true goal of their homeland for Muslims in North East and North West.

It gave a new energy and courage to the Muslims who gathered around Muhammad Ali Jinnah for a struggle for freedom.

Pakistan Resolution, undoubtedly is the most important event that changed the course of Indian history and left deep marks on the world history. It was a most significant movement in the recent world history.

The resolution was headed by a puny person Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who prior and after the pass of this resolution remained in a state of encounters with the gory events with ailing figure.

His name no doubt has been bracket in the catalogue of the souls who changed the global map.

Pakistan came into being after the 7 years of this resolution, now the 70 years have passed away but Muslims of Pakistan are still in a state of struggle to get any type of peace.

The cause and facts behind this drawback is that the Muslims of Pakistan deviated the path which the founder of the Pakistan showed to us.

I would like to quote a radiative extract from his maiden speech which he delivered while after assuming the office of the Governor General.

Quaid-i-Azam said, “We have achieved Pakistan on the basis of Islam”. The Holy Book Quran is a gateway to all guidance for us.

We shall have to conceive all wisdom from it. The ruling class of Pakistan shall have to spend their life strictly according to the Islamic laws and regulations.

The managers of Pakistan will take themselves as the servants of their common people. They will not be allowed to enjoy any special privileges.

I want to tell you clearly that our salvation lies in adopting all the rules which are in Islamic System of rule, because it all are based on justice and social order. Islamic system provides equal opportunities to all the citizens of the country.

In Islamic system treasury in reality is the property of the people and every member of the commonwealth is entitled to have an allowance out the income of the state.

The old generation of Pakistan or the participants of Pakistan Movement are the eye witness that whatever Father of the Nation preached, he practiced it thoroughly.

His biography reveals all the facts and practices which he adopted in his personal patron of life, but tragical enough that we shattered his dream sequence into pieces.

The current conditions of the country has made spell bound the intelligentsia, political observers and even the commoners of the country.

The bad activities of the political parties are on full swing the processions are on move and candid cameras are in practice to catch the every move of the politicians.

The last cherished goal before our politicians are gaining of power and then money minting.

The most tragical part of the political culture in Pakistan is the entry of the religious scholars in politics. They have brought havoc to the affairs of the country and the people.

In 18th century in France a parliament was established comprising the religious groups, it was called the Estate General Parliament, in this set up the priests attained all the powers and privileges but delivered no good change to the public.

The religious groups of Govt were taken as the guarantee of righteousness is all social and political fields. They were also taken as above all the impeachment.

Soon the law makers and the think tanks decided to end the rule of the religious group and set up a “France National Assembly” they chose the some people to run the Govt affairs, they put the country on way to developments and people of France took a sigh of relief.

Now in all the European countries all the religious groups are strictly confined to the churches and no commoners is allowed to seek any wordly admonition from any priest.

We are celebrating the Pakistan Day very enthusiastically but have we ever committed to ourselves individually that we will regard and respect to all those endeavors and sacrifices which the Father of the Nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his coterie tolerated.

Sad enough that the detail of this sacred event is being relayed on different channels of the PTV, and simultaneously one of the PTV Channel is showing PTV award show. Now it is evident to the people of Pakistan that what is going on this channel.

The show could be postponed to some other day conveniently. “Tragical Enough”
—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.

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