Residents spend Sehri, Iftari hours looking for water


Long queue outside CDA water complaint point ridicules city govt’s claims

Zubair Qureshi

It was Friday, June 9, 2017 when Mayor of Islamabad and ‘part time’ chairman of the CDA had thrown a lavish Iftar dinner party for diplomats and elites of the city in Serena Hotel of Islamabad. At the time when he was giving party and enjoying khujoor with lemonade in the perfect ambiance of the 5-star hotel, skirmished had broken out in the Sector G-10/4 over water and many rozadaar (those who were fasting) had to return home empty bottled. Maybe it is news for CDA chairman but the fact is that water is simply non-existent in most of the sectors. Only those who find taps inside their houses giving whistling sounds instead of water can understand the ordeal of the families which are facing water shortage.
A resident of the Sector G-11, Mahmood Riazuddin, the former Controller News of the Radio Pakistan is one of the worst affectees of water woes of Islamabad. Daily he parks his car at around 10 p.m. and stands in front of the CDA water complaint office. Gradually the queue starts building up and by 6 in the morning of the next day, when the booking clerk opens the window to note down the complaints, there are more than 200 people standing in the queue.
CDA water complaint point doesn’t cater to the complaints of all of them. Hardly, 40 or 45 complaints are addressed and the “left-overs” have to resume the vicious cycle again in the evening. Talking to Pakistan Observer Mahmood Riazuddin said sometime a complainant after getting place in the queue insists two or more persons were standing behind him. In fact, there was none. It is only a ploy to accommodate friends. His friends come at a time when the complaint window is about to open thus the right of those standing already there in the queue is violated. At times such bullish attitude leads to scuffle and physical fight breaks out among the complainants, said Mr Riazuddin. When asked what should be solution to this issue, he said each sub-sector should have its own complaint office and water supply system should also be overhauled.

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