Residents protest prolonged power outage

Sawan Khaskheli


The hundreds enraged residents of Badin including women and children have protested stern against prolonged power shut down in front of HESCO office Badin at Badin.
They blocked Badin-Hyderabad road for several hours causing hundreds vehicles to wait in the queues as part of the protest against the long power outage, reported on Saturday. The power was shut downed from last a month of different areas including Itifaq colony and others parts of the city. While protesting, they alleged that despite the hefty payment to the HESCO officials for the restoration of their power in their area, HESCO officials are hiding their nose to resolve their issues.
They further urged the local administration to resolve the matter as early as possible adding that stressed if electricity of the Itifaq colony and different parts of Badin would not be restored within a day, they again will call on the protest on Monday and would keep continue till the restoration of the power.

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