Reshape One-Day team

WHILST the Test team stands at the top of the ladder in points table because of some super performances against top teams, the One-Day cricket team, on the contrary, has only received humiliating bashing from opponent teams including minnows such as Bangladesh in recent times. The One-Day series in England was no different where the green shirts were crushed by the British players as any club side team.
Standing at number ninth ranking in itself should be an embarrassment for the national team but in the backdrop of recent performances, it seems Pakistan — the World Cup winner in 1992 — would not be able to avoid further embarrassment of playing qualifying round for the next World Cup. There are multiple reasons for our downfall in the One-Day Internationals. Firstly, our players not only lack physical fitness but their mentality is archaic for modern cricket which has become so fast and aggressive that top teams equipped with hard hitters having rich repertoires of shots are posting and chasing mammoth totals. England presented a classic example of modern cricket in the third One-Day International when its players put the record total of 444 against Pakistan — the team whose bowling attack is considered formidable in the world. We believe there is also no fault of players as they have not been prepared to meet the world standards. PCB has been ignoring the domestic cricket and training of the players on scientific and modern lines. Rather introducing new talent, which our country is not devoid of, we are still relying on the tried and failed horses. It is time that the PCB starts a hunt programme across the country and chooses the best of the best players and then invests on their physical and mental fitness and proper training as per modern day requirements. Our heroes of the past should also be engaged in the training of young blood. With this approach, we can get ready a better team by the next World Cup — the one that could again lift the cup. The task is gigantic but very much achievable if there is commitment and will on the part of the PCB.

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