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The Spokesperson of Punjab Emergency Service clarified that the news items published in print media that Emergency Service is suffering from extreme administrative issues, politics within department, and a narrative about an officer who was found guilty for spreading disinformation about a female officer are baseless, fabricated story, propaganda, and concocted to defame the Service in the eyes of public as well as to officer.
It is further clarified that PRO, Mr Jam Sajjad Hussain has been sent on leave by competent authority due to multiple complaints of harassment received against him and to settle his issues/cases and all others allegations leveled against him.
The matter is prejudice and still, investigations/inquiries are underway at three different forum including, Police, Honorable Court of law and the Office of the Ombudsman, Punjab.
Therefore, any comments regarding the outcome are against the law and can lead to contempt of court and it can especially affect both parties as well.

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