Replace Kashmir Committee Chairman right now

KASHMIR is exploding with India committing worst type of atrocities and shedding blood of innocent people in the length and breadth of the Occupied Kashmir and Pakistan and India fighting the war on diplomatic front. It is, however, pathetic that the man who should be in the forefront of the campaign to help stop Indian brutalities and make efforts for peaceful settlement of the longstanding dispute seems to be irrelevant and unconcerned.
The extremely low profile adopted by Maulana Fazlur Rehman, otherwise a seasoned politician, is quite understandable and in line with overall public perception on his personality and character. To begin with, his very nomination to the coveted post was wrong and motivated more by a desire to accommodate a political ally than serve the cause of Kashmir. For reasons best known to Maulana, he himself and his Kashmir Committee are on the back-seat and not taking any worthwhile interest in serious situation in Occupied Kashmir that is a source of anguish to all Pakistanis. However, critics point out that Maulana was never known to have any deep commitment with Kashmir, which should be a fundamental requirement for the office of Chairman Kashmir Committee as without personal commitment no significant initiative is expected from body. The meetings of Committee have been rare and Maulana has not issued any statement for consecutive days and weeks despite alarming developments in Occupied Kashmir, which could attract attention of UN, OIC and other important countries. In absence of any visible commitment and credentials to head such an important Parliamentary body, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, at the most, can be described as head of a religious party, who has quality to survive in different crises. Kashmir issue is a question of life and death for Pakistanis and therefore, Chairman of the Committee should be able to represent their feelings at different platforms of the world. He should be an experienced person with necessary background to interact with international community so as to communicate country’s point of view and plead cause of Kashmiris in a most convincing manner. In our view, at this point of time, the government should do some rethinking and take a decision to replace incumbent Chairman with some suitable personality forgetting that it could cause inconvenience to an ally. This would send a good message all around as has been through the right choice for the office of President of Azad Kashmir.

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