Reopening of Hudaibiya case

LIKE formation of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) by Supreme Court of Pakistan in Panama Papers case, a controversy is being created regarding reopening of Hudaibiya paper mills case. After media reports that NAB officials were allegedly summoned and pressurised by someone for reopening the case by filing an appeal in the Supreme Court, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal too, on Saturday, expressed concern over opening a fifteen-year-old case.
The Minister indicated that the issue would be brought before Parliament for discussion. We believe that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court should take notice of such reports. If a high court, which is part and parcel of the judicial system, gave a judgement on the case and the NAB was convinced that there was no need to go for appeal then there is no point in pressurising the institution to do so and that too after a long time and expiry of the timeframe for the purpose. There is already an impression that while cases of Sharif family are being decided expeditiously, some other relevant cases are getting too much time to decide. If the courts are serious about accountability then why there is no progress on any other case and instead people involved in serious corruption cases like Hajj have been set free.

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