Renegades of Muslim Conference to face electoral humiliation: Chughtai

Hameed Shaheen

Islamabad—Sardar Saghir Chughtai, ex-member Kashmir Council and senior leader of Muslim Conference (MC) has said that those who have dissociated MC would face humiliation in coming general elections in AJK.
Their political career has been blackened in the eyes of the public. They have no backing as they mauled the political principles, he said talking here to mass circulated Engliosh Daily Pakistan Observer here on Wednesday.
He clarified that myself and Sardar Siyab Khalid, member Assembly are on one page of politics. “On the matter of distribution of electoral tickets we shall accept the decision of the parliamentary electoral board. Muslim Conference has had a rich ideological and political background.
Kashmir liberation movement was launched from the platform of this party. All workers and office holders are bound by the high political norms left to us as proud legacy by founder leaders Marhoom Ch Ghulam Abbas and Marhoom Mujahid Awwal Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan. We would not allow anyone to distort history”.
Chughtai said that whenever a stage to settle Kashmir dispute would come, Muslim Conference having its powerful voice in both parts of the State of J&K would have to play a crucial part.
Muslim Conference is the witness to the freedom struggle in Kashmir as well as in Kashmir case in the United Nations. Chughtai praised the party leadership and said that party president Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan has projected the Kashmir cause at the international level with full ideological conviction and force from Kathmandu to Montevideo in Uruguay. To a question he said that UN Security Council’s dossier on Kashmir dispute is very much clear, stressing holding of fair, free international plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir to decide the political status of the State.
He condemned the massive killings of Kashmiri kids and youth by the brutal occupying Indian forces in India-held Kashmir and Jammu.

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