Remembering Zainab

It has been a couple of days when the very young little princess was brutally abused and murdered but a thousands of people, like me, still remembers her with wide eyes and shocked. How could someone think so negative for a child of only 7 years old?
Being called a nation of Muslim how can we behave so much against the laws of Islam? Zainab was not the only one to face such atrocities rather we have so many other Zainab who have been bearing the same sorts of cruelty on them but who cares? We are lacking leaders, the real leaders and being run by politicians who are all the time thinking of their own benefits in elections. Till the children won’t get assurance of full safety, Zainab will be coming in front of the eyes of people like me and you and asking us, “ When will it have an end?” The answer of it is to be given.
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