Remembering December 16

DECEMBER 16 would always be remembered in the history of the country because of two significant events that took place on the day and changed course of the history. It was on this day in 1971 that India carried out naked aggression against united Pakistan and succeeded in its designs to dismember the country. Again, it was on this day in 2014 that terrorists stormed Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar killing 141 people including 132 students and the tragedy resulted into launching of National Action Plan against Terrorism and operation Zarb-i-Azb that broke the back of terrorists.
The day reminds us of the conspiracies hatched both by our internal and external enemies and the need to remain always on alert to foil them. The two tragedies have many lessons for people and State but ground realities suggest we have not learnt any lesson and in many cases are repeating same mistakes and follies that caused fall of Dhaka. The first thing to remember is that India has never accepted the reality of Pakistan, dismembered the country in 1971 and would not hesitate to do so if it gets another opportunity. This is evident from statements emanated from New Delhi these days and physical aggression that we witness almost daily on the Line of Control and the Working Boundary. The enemy is not only active on military and security fronts but also wants to block Pakistan’s march on the road to progress and prosperity as is evident from conspiracies against the CPEC and threats to abrogate the Indus Water Treaty. Secondly, the enemy always exploits our internal differences and therefore, there is need to forge unity in our ranks. It is duty of the political leadership to take bold measures to address political issues that cause deprivation and frustration among population and regions of the country. There is also every reason to maintain and strengthen our nuclear deterrence that has kept the war-mongering enemy away. As for the issue of terrorism is concerned, significant progress has been achieved and the war against terror should be taken to its logical conclusion.

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