Remarkable decline in Punjab crime rate observed

Salim Ahmed


Punjab police have maintained better control over law and order during year of 2016 which resulted in down wards trend on crime graph of different categories like murder, attempted murder, dacoity, robbery, theft and burglary in the province compared to last year. Looted/Stolen items of worth around 1278 million rupees were recovered from the 3006 busted dacoit gangs and 9177 arrested dacoits, street criminals and thieves, while ransom money of more than 60 million rupees is recovered from kidnappers. Punjab police also recovered illegal arms and drugs of millions of rupees. Total 79510 FIRs of crime against property were registered in 2016 while 82657 such FIRs were registered in 2015 in whole Punjab.
According to details, 59 per cent turn down in the cases of kidnapping for ransom is recorded as 81 such cases were reported in 2015 while the number of cases in 2016 had been 33 only. Similarly, murder during dacoity cases were decreased by 21 per cent, in 2015, 176 such cases were reported whereas in 2016 the cases reported were 139. Dacoity and robbery incidents were lessened by 39 per cent, 1520 such cases were registered in 2015, whilst the numbers of cases in 2016 were 923 only. 50 per cent less bank dacoity are recorded in year 2016 as only 18 such incidents took place in comparison to 2015, when 36 such cases were reported. Likewise, 50 per cent less Patrol pump and Jewelry Shops were looted, in 2015 there were 115 cases of patrol pump dacoity which were reduced to only 56 incidents in 2016. While 26 Jewelry Shop dacoity incidents were reported in 2015 and only 13 such incidents happened in year 2016.
About 22 per cent less motor vehicles were snatched in 2016 because in comparison to 4550 motor vehicle snatch cases in 2015, 3550 such crimes were reported in 2016. Theft cases decreased by 17 per cent as 13487 cases were registered in 2016 in comparison to 16214 cases in previous year.

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