Regulating institutions canteens

Punjab government has established a number of Authorities with the approval of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif with specific purposes in different sectors. Punjab Food Authority is one of these numerous bodies determined to ensure provision of hygienic, healthy and fit for human consumption food items, open and packed, to the people throughout the province. Its officials are conducting raids quite frequently on the hotels, restaurants, manufacturing and suppliers outlets to see whether food items are being served to the customers, manufactured in neat and clean conditions and the employees too are hale, hearty and properly and neatly clad.
These efforts of the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) are yielding good results and everywhere things appear to be improving and people are able to eat good food items in properly cleaned atmosphere and adulterated food items and rotten meat, fruit etc are not served to them. Now, according to the reports, the PFA has taken another commendable step in the to regulate working of canteens, cafeterias and messes functioning in the schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other public places. All these as well as government offices and public sector institutions premises have either cafeterias or canteens for their employees and apparently nobody bothers whether these are working in good hygienic conditions and proper sanitation ensured.
The PFA has notified to all the companies/contractors running canteens, cafeterias, messes in the establishments’ premises and at open places to get themselves pre-qualified and secure proper licences from the Authority by deadline of July 15, 2017 after which those having no licence will be sealed. The PFA quite obviously has taken an appreciable step which should have been taken long ago by someone. Large number of employees, students, patients and relatives and others eat food etc at the hospitals, educational institutions, public and private offices and at open places in canteens and cafeterias throughout the day without caring about the environment prevailing around and sanitation conditions. The Authority should duly publicise this for the information of all companies running canteens, cafeterias and messes and also those supplying food items like bakery items, frozen food, catering etc to them as well as the general public. Strict enforcement should also be ensured, please.

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