Regional solution to terrorism

SPEAKING at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London on Tuesday, Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali while highlighting different reasons and dimensions of terrorism, emphatically asked the western countries to refrain from imposing any counter terrorism solution on South Asia.
Undoubtedly terrorism has emerged as a global phenomenon and requires coordinated efforts amongst comity of nations to effectively deal with this cancer but at the same time one should not forget that each region has its own peculiar security and terrorist threats that require specially devised responses and home-grown solutions. In fact, terrorism has been wreaking havoc in this particular region over the last many years and the military intervention by the West coupled with subversive activities of foreign agencies only added fuel to the fire instead of bringing the acts of terrorism down. Prior to the US led military intervention in Afghanistan, one would have hardly heard about the suicide attacks claiming the lives of the people in this region but the post 9/11 period then unleashed an era of bloodshed that filled out streets and markets with blood of innocent people. Finally, Pakistan took the bull by the horns after the attack on APS Peshawar and since then it has achieved tremendous successes by eliminating the terrorists in their last bastions in Shawal valley. However, still a lot more needs to be done to avert the resurfacing of these elements. For this, both Pakistan and Afghanistan are required to work closely and collectively without pointing accusatory fingers on each other to counter the designs of those who do not want peace here. The QCG process, formed on the sidelines of Heart of Asia Conference in Islamabad last December was a step in the right direction to secure peaceful solution to Afghan issue by bringing the Afghan government and the warring parties at negotiation table. Whilst pursuing this course, the stakeholders should remain wary of the spoilers and draw up a comprehensive strategy that also envisages addressing root causes of terrorism. This strategy should include promoting inter-faith and sectarian harmony besides addressing social ills like poverty and unemployment. Western countries should support the socio-economic development initiatives and fulfil their responsibility towards resolving the long-standing regional disputes like Kashmir to make the region cradle of peace.

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