Reforms in justice system

Staff Reporter


The Prime Minister said on Sunday that for the common man, we have to bring a system of justice. We will do a meeting with the Chief Justice. There are so many justice issues at the grassroots. People pass away but their cases are never heard.”
“I want to appeal to the Chief Justice that there are many widows whose land has been grabbed; they have been struggling for their cases for years so I request for speedy justice and resolution for each one of them.”
“We have to fix the police system. The crime rate has come down in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to police reforms. Nasir Durrani, who was our police chief in KP and led the reforms police, has agreed to help us in Punjab. “Police is a provincial subject. We cannot directly intervene, but we are ready to work with the Sindh government to improve police performance. We have to address the issue of child abuses. “

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