Reforms in health policies will help achieve ozf SGDs targets


18th National Paediatric Conference 2017 kicked off

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Renowned paediatricians including Prof. Iqbal Memon, Prof. Jamal Raza, Prof. Aijaz Khan, Prof. Huma Cheema and others speaking at 3-days National Paediatric Conference has stressed the need to improve immunization program to increase the pace of reduction of under 5 year mortality. There is need to work hard for under 5 year children particularly neonates which is the 50% of mortality. Most of these, deaths are due to infection diseases, premature and low birth weight babies; majority of these are preventable and potentially treatable.
Many child related health problems are still looming and plaguing the health of our children. Improvement of health system depends upon support of institutions to design and implement reforms that improve the health indicators, continuity to keep these reforms stable, involvement of private health sectors, NGOs and professional organizations to act as catalysts to help achieve our goals in a timely manner. Reforms in health policies would further benefit the ongoing activities towards achievement of SGDs targets.
The 3-days National Pediatric Conference was organized by Pakistan Pediatric Association (Sindh). The theme of the Conference is “Equity in Child Health”. It aim is to provide a platform to pediatricians to exchange ideas and broaden their vision by sharing knowledge, skill and experiences. National and international speakers from more than 6 countries participated.
Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah speaking as the inaugural ceremony announced to establish Maternal & Neonatal Child Health (MNCH) Hospitals soon in every districts of Sindh. Furthermore, Govt has also increased medicine budget to 500 times. He further said that Pakistan is 3rd world country with utmost talent. The main issues of Pakistan are literacy and population. 23% of our women are education where 77% are uneducated. I do talk on this issue in every parliament sessions. We have to think to reduce the death ratio of children in our country. Recently in 10 days, 44 out 1000 death occurs in Thar. He appreciated the efforts of organizing committee for organizing this conference in the historical city of Sukkur. This conference will develop milestone in health sector. Govt of Sindh will implement he recommendation of this conference in the country.
Health Secretary, Dr. Fazullah Pecheho said that Government of Sindh is very keen to focus on child health issues and its progress through various strategies to reduce childhood mortality. It is encouraging to see the significant improvement in under 5 year mortality in comparison to 1990, but we need to work hard for under 5 year children particularly neonates which is the 50% of mortality under 5 years. This pediatric conference will focus on different areas of pediatric specialties and current technologies in use for the betterment of child health.
Prof. Jamal Raza, President PPA in his address said that in Pakistan many children are still dying from preventable diseases. Malnutrition is prevailing in our country whereas rate of immunization is very low. The aim of this conference to achieve WHO target of under 5 mortality by 2025 and malnutrition by 2030. We have to work together to address these issues.
Earlier, Dr. Aijaz Gajani, Dr. A. G. Biloo, Dr. Mushtaq Memon also spoke on the occasion. Earlier, Plenary sessions on the topic of “Pediatric TB & HIV”, “Metabolic Emergencies – What every pediatrician should know” was held which was attended by large number of pediatricians. The Executive Committee Meeting of PPA was also held which was attended by all the executive members.

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