Reforms in education system

The modern day education system consists of a routine of courses prepared for the students, in light that they mature to tackle their further life. On a traditional scale, education holds a sacred status, and this institute is least questioned. Schooling, that a child is required to undertake for the initial years of his or her life, is supposed to feed the brain with knowledge about everything.
After the thirteen years of a individual’s life from kindergarten to high school, supposedly being prepared for life, children still lack any real skills. All these years but students are not aware of basic abilities like how to drill a hole, fix a radiator, cook a healthy meal. After all these years, kids aren’t even taught the concepts of leading groups of people, solving disagreements without violence and most importantly, yet neglected the most, questioning the theories, ideologies and traditions imposed by others onto them.
Although teachers explain to kids how to read and write and perform basic mathematics and algebra, they don’t teach them ponder for themselves, question a belief or think logically. Children are taught how to sit at a desk and behave, while the world’s education is packed into a neat little book, that they would have to learn so they could appear for tests, and score a decent grade that would land them a job fit for their ‘calibre’. And the reward for conforming to the rules of authority for thirteen years is a worthless piece of paper that no employer even asks to see.
Kids who graduate high school barely qualify to flip burgers at a restaurant and even for that they have to be trained. The problem here is not just a lack of finance, inadequately trained educators or low quality curriculum. The drawback is our entire education structure. However, with the right reforms the system of education can be changed for the better.

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