Reformation of Sindh Government

Imran Ali Phull

The decision of Sindh government to relieve the veteran and octogenarian Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has flabbergasted everyone. The new CM Syed Murad Ali Shah is a renowned and stalwart member of the ruling party who has held important positions in past and in current set-up. Unfortunately, the way the dismissal of Syed Qaim Ali Shah was carried out, it was completely inappropriate and it didn’t suit the party to say Adieu to an elderly and old mentor of PPP who was severely lambasted by opposition parties and media and he suffered their harsh jeer and ridicule during his tenure on behalf of his party. It is also a matter of fact that Shah was never found in any corruption case or intricacy, though his bad governance and passive approach towards different complexities might be criticized but he himself refrained from any kind of scam. In reality, it was never about the changing of an individual but to have the sincerity and determination to tackle the challenges of corruption, terrorism, poverty, cronyism, and education and health issues and to take the Province on the path of progress and prosperity. The revolutionary change and reformation in Province can never occur if important decisions related the fate of Province are taken in Dubai without taking in confidence the opposition parties or Provincial cabinet. Until and unless there is unjustifiable and unfair intervention in decision-making policies of the Provincial government and if discretionary powers are not restored to relevant Ministries then it is vain to expect any change. The people of Sindh have given them the mandate and it is their accountability to put their nose to the grindstone and solve the problems of the Province. As Sindh government has decided to go back to square one so there is huge accountability on the shoulders of new CM to clean up the deteriorated image of the party. It is being expected that Murad Ali Shah will come up to the expectations of the people and will explore all possible avenues to bring betterment in Province by improving education sector and taking actions against unenviable conditions of health sector and it is the dire need to work upon unsanitary conditions of Karachi. Urgent and rapid changs in the Provincial police are needed and best remedy is the de-politicisation of Sindh police. The new CM must not forget that the best possible approach to bring normalcy and peace in the Province especially in Karachi is to end rancour between government and Paramilitary forces and it should be the priority of new czar to support and consolidate national action plan by assigning full powers to Paramilitary forces. As peaceful and progressive Province will strengthen the image of PPP government, their political career will be secure as well.

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