Reform judicial system

Time and again, there has been extensive dialogue, debate and conferences in which very productive recommendations have be put forward to reform the existing judicial system in the country. Unfortunately, our rulers come and go, but they never move forward to unveil a reform plan for the country’s judicial system. When they are out of power, they start speaking ill of the system. Unfortunately, our judicial system has been a major roadblock for the justice-seekers because of a widespread perception that courts serve the rich and the powerful who have adequate fiscal resources to engage any competent counsel.
This is a definite time to reform the judicial system, instead of playing to the gallery. Our people want a profound reform, including higher standards and more training for judges, prosecutors and lawyers, as well as greater transparency in appointments. There must be a mechanism to oversee the justice system to ensure that it meets the need of the common man. Above all, we should revise the penal code in order to bring it into harmony with the new constitution and principles of international conventions

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