Reduce price hike as per electoral promise, demands Altaf

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Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor expressing serious concern on growing price hike has urged the PTI government not to open new floodgates of price hike to make life of common man miserable but instead reduce the neck breaking price hike as per their electrical promises.
In a statement here Tuesday, he said the federal information minister Fawad Chaudhry should summon courage to tell the truth that the decision not to raise tariff of gas was the result of immense public pressure and firm stand of Sindh chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah. He asked the PTI government to reduce prices of LGP, fertilizer, seeds, medicines and pesticides. He said the government should take serious and sincere steps to check growing price hike of daily-use commodities, especially kitchen commodities like sugar. He said the rulers should not forget that the people had given them vote for their slogan that they would reduce price hike.
Altaf Shakoor said the rulers should get rid of the local agents of IMF and World Bank, and they should appoint patriotic local economists and experts in economic advisory bodies. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan and his finance minister Asad Umar should remember their electoral promises and they should further cut the rates of petroleum products by slashing inhumanly high indirect taxes on them. He said people would also get relief in rail and bus fares when the rate of oil is reduced.
Pasban leader said price hike is the most sensitive issue of Pakistan. The country has been facing the highest food inflation, making it hard for poor people to feed their children. He said it is the right of citizens that they get two square meals for their families in a respectable manner.
He said the country has got rid of Mian Aqif, but still many agents of international lenders like IMF and World Banks are sitting in the ranks of economic advisory forum of the sitting regime. These people are concerned about how to maximize benefits of their foreign masters and they are further squeezing hard this poor and hungry nation. He said radically different economic policies should be formed so that the country is saved from the curse of foreign loans.
Altaf Shakoor said patriotic economic experts like Dr Shahida Wazarat are present in the country and the government should utilize their expertise for the betterment of our sagging economy. He said it is high time to get rid of foreign leeches that are sucking the blood of Pakistanis in shape of agents of IMF and World Bank. He said unless these vultures are removed from the key posts the prevailing corruption, exploitation and economic injustice would stay here. He asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to purge his ranks and files from the foreign agents, local exploiters, Waderas and corrupt electables.

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