Recovery of CJ’s son

SECURITY and intelligence agencies deserve credit for recovery of Awais Shah, son of Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, who was kidnapped about a month back from Karachi. His recovery was result of an intelligence based operation carried out by security agencies in which three terrorists were killed but luckily Awais Shah remained unhurt.
The safe recovery of Awais Shah is a clear message to terrorists and their backers that there is no place for them to hide in Pakistan. This is important because his abduction created uncertainty and instilled fears of insecurity not only among judiciary but also other officials as well as the masses. Chief Justice of Pakistan also took serious notice of the situation and expressed his dissatisfaction over performance of the law enforcing agencies and their inability to provide protection even to members of the judiciary and their families. It was because of all this that Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan declared that the security agencies have taken it up as a challenge and it is a matter of satisfaction that they lived up to the challenge. But the issue should not end here and the circumstances that led to the abduction should be investigated into and action taken against all those involved in any way. This is because it was a dastardly attempt to brow-beat and pressurize the judiciary, which is already shy of taking up cases of terrorism because of fears and apprehensions. It was partly because of this that military courts were established to try cases of terrorism and heinous crimes. While lauding the agencies for their hard work in recovering the son of the Chief Justice of Sindh, we would urge them to demonstrate similar spirit in recovery of all those kidnapped for ransom or for any other purpose.

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