Reconciliation gesture of Shahbaz

POLITICAL situation has eased further in Punjab with Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif‘s productive meeting with estranged Pir Hameedud Din Sialvi who agreed to call off his planned protest in the province following assurance of the CM to look into his demands. A Committee has reportedly been formed for the purpose which also includes Pir Sialvi.
After flopped show of the opposition in the provincial capital Lahore, the situation in Punjab is fast returning to normalcy, raising hopes that this will allow the Government to concentrate on welfare activities and programmes as repeated attempts have been made over the past few months disrupt peace and stability of the country’s largest province. Pir Sialvi had been giving deadline after deadline apparently in a bid to attracting attention of the Chief Minister, who should have realized the situation much earlier. However, it goes to the credit of Mian Shahbaz Sharif to shun egoism and embrace a party leader whose activities had started harming the party as three MPAs and two MNAs had resigned at his instance. Though neither he could muster support of more MPs nor there was expectation that his call for protest would evoke any meaningful response but it was always better to resolve things through discussion and dialogue. Internal wrangling in a party provides opportunity to political rivals to take advantage of the situation. There are no clear words as to what exactly transpired during Shahbaz-Sialvi meeting but the very fact that Sialvi called his call and is not insisting on resignation of Provincial Minister Sanaullah shows better sense has started prevailing upon different players who were ganging up against the provincial government on different pretexts. There was absolutely no justification to trigger crisis on an issue on which there is no difference of opinion among Muslims of Pakistan i.e. finality of the prophethood. Therefore, doing politics over a religious issue should be avoided as it conveys wrong impression to masses.

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