Reckless driving

Ayesha Aziz

I would like to draw the attention of Traffic Police of Karachi towards reckless driving. It is high time that proper steps are taken to put a stop to the reckless driving of motor cars and other vehicles in the streets of our thickly populated city. We hear and read every day the news of traffic accidents by a car or a motor bike because of over speeding and reckless driving.
This is just one aspect as many women and children who try to cross the roads of this overpopulated city become victims to such reckless driving. This has caused many fatal accidents. Undoubtedly, regulations regarding speed limit do exist, but the drivers pay no heed. The police also takes little or no notice of these offenders; therefore, accidents are a matter of almost daily occurrence.
I would like to emphasize that the police must strictly enforce the regulations regarding speed limit and the public pedestrians, who are the worst sufferers, must convince and compel the police and other authorities to put a stop to reckless and negligent driving so that lives of citizens are saved.

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