Reckless driving

Karachi is the most densely populated city in Pakistan. It is most unfortunate that there is no strict law and order system as far as traffic rules are concerned. Due to this drivers are very reckless and even so most of them drive around without a licence. This can cause serious injuries and even deaths to innocent citizens. I myself have been a victim of such careless driving. I was walking alongside the road when out of no where a car came and rammed into me. The driver had been speeding and seemed to have lost control of the vehicle. Luckily for me, I ended up only with a broken hand but it could have been worse. However the police who arrived at the scene of the accident gave him a fine but did not bother to question him about whether he had a valid licence or whether he was eligible to drive since he looked really young.
Therefore, I humbly request the authorities to initiate strict measures and equally strict action against such drivers so that they abide by the rules for the safety of all law abiding citizens whose protection is after all the responsibility of the government.

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