Reckless driving

Munaj Gul Muhammad

As a matter of fact Balochistan is a province which, though rich in resources, is yet neglected in all fields, be it Education, Healthcare, Human Rights or anything else. However, I would only highlight one issue which, in my view, is not a minor one but it is a major issue. It is reckless driving. In fact, in the West, reckless driving is a major moving traffic violation. It is usually a more serious offense than careless driving. But in our case, it is very common over here.
Most of the drivers are juvenile and without licence. Cops seem helpless to control it. On account of reckless driving, a number of accidents happen every day and result in the loss of precious lives. As the province lacks health facilities, the injured have to be taken to Karachi; sometimes they succumb to their injuries on way before reaching Karachi. The content behind writing this letter is to draw attention of the authorities concerned to please feel urgency of the matter and take remedial steps.
— Via email

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