Rebuttal to ‘The Economist’!

As usual ‘The Economist’ London, has once again come up with a (naked) article against defence forces of Pakistan. It blamed our Army for-all-ills i.e. poverty, nuclear and extremism. Is it not called terrorism, divide & rule…? Being a Pakistani, it is my prime-duty to write a ‘rebuttal’. Firstly, our nuclear, pose no threat to world rather, served/serving as deterrent against terrorists – straight record. We were forced towards nuclear after India took hold of deadly technology supplied by – Britain, US, Israel, Russia, France etc. Pakistan’s main dispute “Jammu and Kashmir” was created by decision makers of Partition Plan!
Entire nation was/is always standing behind their defence forces. And, (certainly) ability of our forces itches to opponents. This is why our enemies often run vilification campaigns, through different platforms, like this one. The question arises why author became full-blind in case of India and Israel’s defence? And, also, because, as an independent country (Pakistan), will not compromise on her defence. If Pakistan Army is not strong, country would never achieve successes against terrorism created by our enemies, well proved!
As regards economic challenges and ills like poverty are concerned, there is a need to take (again) realistic analysis of entire situation of the region, particularly in case of India and Afghanistan for which now Uncle Sam, compelled to write us: more-help instead of do-more! The way our forces are ensuring territorial sovereignty is (highly) commendable, so, political leadership is now on right path of deliverance. This Scribe is feeling proud in writing that Pakistan is now standing on right edge in the comity of nations. So, adversaries are bound to bite the dust. And, also, the Scribe will advise ‘The Economist’ to be careful in penning such odious-articles in future!!

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