Real meaning of Independence Day

Iqra Zia

Pakistan came in to being on 14th of August after constant hard work of Quaid e Azam Mhammad Ali Jinnah. We achieved this separate homeland in the name of Islam. Refugees endured all sufferings to get a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Sub-continent.
14th August is considered as blessed day for all Pakistanis. We celebrate Independence Day every year on 14th of August. We adorn our houses, streets, shops, schools, colleges, universities and offices with flags, buntings, badges, posters, lighting and other decorative materials. Every patriotic Pakistani wears green and white dresses that represent colours of our National Flag. But sadly, another trend of one-wheeling has been started in many parts of Pakistan. Every year several riders lose their lives while doing horrific one-wheeling or by disrespecting our flags and buntings. Children adorn their houses by buntings but then leave these buntings lie on the floor and no one just bothers to pick them up. Is this the way to give respect to our flag? Even few children start using these buntings as a card game, which is quite shameful.
Young generation should know the main purpose of Independence. What Quaid-i-Azam was actually expecting from the young generation of the nation? He was expecting that young generation should work hard and study day and night. If we have to achieve our goals and want to become powerful nation then definitely we will have to raise our standards by getting quality education. But most of the children make fun of Quaid’s statements, which is heart-wrenching act. I humbly request the younger generation of my beloved country to respect country and nation. Celebrating 14th August is not just enough; we have to deliver the actual lesson behind this independence.
— Karachi

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