Re-employed Babas

Hashim Abro

It is observed that most of the well-connected retired re-employed Babas, are good for nothing. More or less all regular employees are found unhappy with them because of their un-constructive mindset and destructive behaviour. These re-employed Babas never appreciate wisdom and austerity but they appreciate prodigality and spend money on non-productive activities. If you flatter them, they befriend you and if you call spade a spade them they victimize you. They always tell a half to the highest destination. They cheat the man of substance and strong character by telling a pack of lies and ruining the careers of regular employees. They never try to understand the rights of regular employees.
It is reported that many re-employed Babas have thrown several public sector organizations into turmoil. They always become loud and abusive. These resources-sucking Babas hate that officer who is competent and honest. Those who are wise keep things calm but how long a person like me can keep my lips zipped and not expose the evil and wrong doers. It is said in the Holy Bible, “Show me a righteous ruler and I will show you a happy people. Show me a wicked ruler and I will show a miserable people.” At times we are our own worst enemies, when our people in power and authority appoint listless, visionless, mindless and brainless Babas, but who cares in this country where cronyism and corruption count.
— Islamabad

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