RAW for re-run of 1971

THE widely-held perception that India was unable to digest the reality of an independent Pakistan has further been deepened with the arrest  of an in-service Commander level agent of RAW from Balochistan. Initial investigations show that Kul Bashan Yadev, who is working in Indian Navy and posted at Indian Consulate in Kandahar, was tasked to destabilize Pakistan and had active links with Baloch dissidents and separatists. He crossed into Pakistan for about a dozen times and had been there for fifteen days before his arrest.
Investigations clearly show that India was re-enacting the drama of 1971 when it conspired and militarily intervened to dismember Pakistan. There have been reports since long that India was crudely interfering in Balochistan and the issue was raised by Pakistani leadership with their Indian counterparts on many occasions but New Delhi has been denying such allegations. However, arrest of the RAW agent and his confession has exposed India’s real designs and its plans against Pakistan. Credit goes to Pakistan intelligence agencies for maintaining a strict vigil to identify and arrest foreign agents operating on our soils. This is what we have been pleading in these columns that the country should come out with solid evidence and share it with the international community so that India’s black face is fully exposed before the world. What we know for now is on the basis of the statement issued by Balochistan Home Minister after initial investigation of the arrested agent and we are sure there would be many disclosures in the days to come in this regard and the agencies would be able to determine the extent of Indian involvement and how to counter it effectively. There have been also reports that India has established a special cell of RAW to implement anti-CPEC plan and the agent has confirmed that he was in contact with some political parties and groups in the Province with the objective of fomenting opposition to the mega project. Similarly, Pakistan has long been maintaining that Afghan soil was being used by India for anti-Pakistan activities. The reports that the RAW agent was posted at one of the fifteen Indian consulates in Afghanistan is a testimony that these consulates have no other legitimate business than to destabilize Pakistan. We hope the authorities would also take up the issue firmly with the Afghan Government besides raising it at international level during interaction with world leaders.

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