RAW aims to sabotage CPEC

Ali Sukhanver

IT is yet not clear that the two recently arrested Indian spies Saddam Hussain and Bachal are the accomplice of Kul Bhushan Yadav or they all were working on their assignments independently. The investigation teams are busy with their work vigorously and it is hoped that things would be clear soon. These two Indian agents were arrested by the Counter Terrorism Department from Thatta on April 16, 2016. According to the details Saddam Hussain and Bachal were working in the guise of fishermen in the area. The police have seized photographs of sensitive installations from the possession of these Indian spies.
Certainly the news of their arrest would not be very much pleasing to the Indian authorities but for the people of Pakistan this news is going to bring a new ray of hope. A few weeks back, the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan had arrested another RAW operative Kul Bhushan Yadav from Balochistan, in collaboration with the intelligence agencies. Instead of giving Pakistan a helping hand in investigation, the Indian authorities are still trying to disown the arrested intelligence officer and it is being hoped that Saddam Hussain and Bachal will also be treated in the same way.
Kul Bhushan Yadav is an officer of the Indian Armed Forces. He joined the Indian National Defence Academy in 1987 and was commissioned in the engineering branch of Indian Navy in 1991. After an attack on Parliament, he started gathering information and intelligence within India. After 14 years of service he was launched into intelligence operations in 2003 and ultimately as a part of the operation assigned to him, he established a small business in Chabahar in Iran. On March 3, 2016, he was arrested by the security agencies of Pakistan near the border region of Chaman. His crime was illegal entry into Pakistan via Iran.
Obviously after his arrest he had to pass through the ordeal of investigation; and as everyone knows, this process of investigation is nowhere in the world very kind, smooth and gentle; investigation from a criminal is however not something like conversation or table-talk. But Kul Bhushan Yadav cooperated with the investigation authorities whole-heartedly and honestly because he knew it well that he had no other way out. He told the investigators about all his heinous activities that he had been involved in from Balochistan to the Capital of Sindh Karachi. He had a lot of things to tell about his plans of sabotaging the CPEC, destroying the peace process in Balochistan and of snatching away the peace and prosperity of Karachi.
The investigation authorities recorded the details of all his ‘precious’ activities in his own voice so that in future he may not deny his own words. If you have watched that video-film in which he has confessed his notorious activities, you would have certainly noticed the peace, calm, and poise on his face; and this type of expressions indicates the inner truthfulness of a person. That means whatever he was saying was true, factual and accurate. Certainly he was inwardly ashamed of his activities as a RAW agent. The investigation authorities would have surely appreciated his truthfulness as well as his repentance over misdeeds. But we see in India, no one appreciated his courage and boldness rather everyone denied any relationship with him; in other words his people deprived him of his identity as an Indian.
Just to detract and divert the attention of the people from the actual issue, the stubborn Indian media started a very comprehensive media campaign with the help of its paid anchorpersons and the so-called defence analysts. They all devoted their skills and abilities on creating an air of confusion regarding the time of arrest of Kul Bhushan Yadav and the originality of his recorded statement ; some said he was arrested earlier and some said the interview was a fake one. The fact of the matter is that it is a great achievement of security agencies of Pakistan that they succeeded in getting hold of RAW trained agents like Kul Bhushan Yadav, Saddam Hussain and Bachal. Now the ball is in court of the legal authorities; hope that these terrorist in guise of spies would not be treated with the same kindness which Kashmir Singh had enjoyed in the past.
—The writer is freelance columnist based in Multan.

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