Rashid’s Trump lingo

Sheikh Rashid’s objectionable abuse “Lanat (curse) on Parliament” is symptomatic of what has become notorious as “Trump Lingo”. Recently Trump called certain countries inhabited with African descent citizens as “Shithole” which resulted in strong protest by African Union, the UN and international media calling him a racist. Unfortunately Imran Khan seems to have got carried away by designs of Sheikh Rashid and Tahir-ul-Qadri and he also used word Lanat while relating to Parliament, of which he himself is a member and intends to contest next elections with aim to get maximum seats from same parliament in 2018 general election, to become PM.
While Trump with help of Republican Senators who participated in Oval Office meeting are denying that he used this word, it is shocking that Imran Khan wants to stick by it. The people of the KP who voted PTI to power in their province are saddened by this. Having himself accepted that he uttered these abusive remarks, he must offer an apology. Imran must evade likes of Sh Rashid, who was a Minister in Nawaz government and showered praises for his political boss. Within days of MNS being dislodged by Musharraf, this person became his Minister and stood on stage in Islamabad on 12 May 2007 when Musharraf raised his fists to rejoice the brutal massacre of over 50 innocent citizens in Karachi by Altaf Hussain’s thugs. Most of those killed were Pakhtuns and this massacre was even worse than detestable murder of 14 activists of Tahir Qadri in Model Town.

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