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Rashid Naeem and Brenton Harrison

Brenton Harrison Tarrant a 28-year-old Australian has killed more than fifty Muslims including six Pakisatinis offering Friday prayers in Christchurch. Ironically, the gruesome event was live steamed on Facebook and shared on various other social media platforms including You Tube. It fully exposed lack of policing on these platforms and their inefficiency to respond quickly in real time causing scores of fatalities. The lethal killer has a history of extremism and anti-Muslim sentiments but was never kept under observation by police or Intelligence agencies of the area as reported by international media like CNN. The most shocking fact of this heinous criminal act is late response of police. Question arises when all were watching it live why police failed to respond quickly? On the other hand Rashid Naeem confronted the alleged killer and gave his life gallantly although his son had already been killed in shooting. Hats off to the brave son of this soil. It also exposes the volatility of Muslims’ lives around the globe; their lives are taken like cattle all over the world. From Kashmir, India, Rohingya, Palestine to New Zealand. They find no solace in any part of world. Why it is so? Why Muslims are being targeted all around the world? Muslims must think over it. It is time for think-tanks and flag-bearers of peace to uproot hatred from the flanks of so-called peace loving people. Had this happened in a developing country resolutions would have been tabled in United Nations for its declaration as a Terrorist State? Pakistan must raise a loud voice on this act of extreme terrorism and genocide both against Australia and New Zealand.