Rasheed Amjad’s latest collection of short stories launched

Dukh Aik Chiria Hay hits bookstalls

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—“Sorrow is a sparrow that never flies away, rather, it continues to hover over one branch of the tree or the other.” Title of the prolific writer Dr Rasheed Amjad’s latest collection of short stories “Dukh Aik Chiria Hay” or Sorrow is a Sparrow is taken from the opening line of this report. Rasheed Amjad is one of very few blessed writers whose creativity even in this ripe age is ‘alive and kicking.’ In his own words, after every three or four days, he composes a short story. The book under discussion has over 50 short stories and each story in this anthology carries his peculiar mark of sorrow and bleakness in it. Published by National Book Foundation the book is available at the stalls for only Rs200.
In the foreword, the Managing Director of the National Book Foundation Inamul Haq Javed pays rich tributes to the freshness of mind with which the octogenarian writer has written these stories. “Dr Rasheed Amjad is known as a symbolist and his fame as an eminent short story writer of Pakistan has spread all over the world,” writes Dr Inamul Haq Javed who himself has launched a number of creative initiatives to popularize the concept of book reading in the country.
The way Rasheed Amjad weaves a story taking its content from his surroundings is simply amazing. After reading his autobiography Ishq Sabr Talab, one gets lost in the alleys of old Rawalpindi, mesmerized to read about its teahouses, cafés, literary organizations and personalities of the yore.
Again in Dr Inamul Haq Javed’s words, Rasheed Amjad’s stories have a surreal locale and take the readers to his inside world where he is perturbed by the questions such as what is time, what is the reality of life, where does one go after death and what is reality of relationships. The writer has taken everyday subject and people, clerks, teachers, doctors, nurses and their peculiar life in a very captivating way.

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