Rash driving

Being Pakistanis, we are well aware of the fact that almost everyone is in hurry and drives rashly to reach his destination. Although big banners giving a message of “Drive Safely” could be seen everywhere, people are not so patient to act upon it. This is well-witnessed among the people who are drivers by profession. They are busy in collecting as much passengers as they can, so they do not bother to stop at respective polls rather try to collect the passengers while van is still running which results in a mishap.
Traffic police seem to have no interest in this matter and therefore, no driver is reported to have been charged for over speeding or letting the passengers to hang on the windows and sitting on the top of roofs. Therefore, the concerned authorities need to take an action to make sure that professional drivers keep limited number of passengers in their vans and do not over-speed. If someone violates the rules, he should be strictly charged or sometimes put behind bars in order to avoid further mishappenings.

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