Rare breed of 16-foot shark captured

Staff Reporter

A rare breed of blind shark, 16 feet in length, was caught by fishermen in the high seas near Karachi Thursday, whose tranportation became problem, for its sheer size and wieght.
A ship and a crane had to be requisitioned to bring it ashore, and later was loaded on a truck to be brought ashore. Officials said it will be chopped off and sold in auction. Some assessed it at 3.5 ton in weight.
Last year fishermen caught a rare tiger shark about 186km south of Karachi in the Indus Swatch area off Keti Bunder, which according to the WWF-Pakistan was sold off for Rs55,000 at the Karachi Fish Harbour.
The rare marine animal measured around 3.8 metres in length and weighed around 550kg.

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