Rangers’ powers in Sindh

Maheen Miandad

The issue of extending mandate to Rangers is being politicized by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Every time granting powers to Rangers are contemplated, the Sindh government reacts negatively towards the federal government. Making the issue of security controversial is not in the interest of a country already embroiled in controversies. Rather than being contentious, it warrants the Sindh government to work in harmony and cooperation with the federal government and welcome the decision in the better interest and law and order of Sindh
The PPP seems oblivious of the fact that since the induction of Rangers in the province, there has been considerable decrease in the street crimes in Karachi. And it is very public-spirited of Interior Minister, Chaudhary Nisar Ahmed Khan, to personally heed to the concerns of Sindh. The PPP should avoid making assumption that everything that the Interior Minister proposes is discriminatory. The PPP needs to get away with the cliché of being wronged and discriminated by the federal government to vainly garner sympathy from the public.

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